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Friday, April 30, 2010

art and the horse

This site has much to do about art and here, especially the horse. So will be mainly the equine art theme.

The dream to become an artist began when a child and that dream has continued over these many years. Horses of course were my strong interest, having lived on a farm for all those early years. We had draft horses, ponies and many kinds of riding horses. Easy to stimulate a child's idea to draw, and I drew all the time.

I feel lucky to have these years of enjoyment with this art, exhibiting in shows, galleries and having others purchase many works for their homes. I will also include other painting subjects over the next few weeks, so come and view.

Having worked in graphic design and illustration for so many years has been very gratifying and adds to the great experience of art.

Coming soon will be some of my paintings, along with descriptions and other points on art.

Here is a link to paintings of horses on fineartamerica:
horse paintings

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